Tunneling and Under Slab Repair Slidell Louisiana

Tunneling and Under Slab Repair in Slidell, Louisiana

Natural shifting in your home’s foundation can stress pipes causing them to break and leak. These leaks can become a very serious issue and cause damage to your foundation, causing it to weaken and possibly crack or collapse. Zeller’s Plumbing is here for you and ready to come to your assistance with slab leaks.

You might need an under slab repair if there is standing water or puddles outside your house, including sewage puddles, or other signs of a slab leak.

Zeller’s Plumbing offers professional tunneling and under slab repair in Slidell, Louisiana and surrounding areas. It is our goal for you to have a smooth, hassle free experience.

If you suspect any type of water leak in your home, don’t go it alone, contact Zeller’s Plumbing. We are available 24/7 for emergency repairs.

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